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IV Hydration

So, technically, and I guess medically speaking, when medications are taking by mouth, a lot of the potency of the medication is lost by the processing performed by several organs like the liver and kidneys. This is why hospitals administer medication directly into the blood stream using intravenously (IV) by-passing the natural tendency for the liver and kidneys to discard some of the medication.

What this means, is that when you have a medical condition that needs medication to get to the target area pronto…IV is the way to go! Upunder has designed medical formulas to cure jet lag, boost energy, promote fast sports recovery, boost the immune system, an d hangover recovery.

By downloading and installing the Upunder app, you are one step away from wellness. A licensed clinician will come to your location to administer the IV wellness package that is right for you.

Physical Therapy

When it comes to mobility, no one wants to be be sitting when they could be walking, or walking when could be running. Let’s face it, life happens; muscle ache and joints fail. However, when it comes to getting you beck in the game, physical therapist the specialists. Upunder platform is the first mobile physical therapist platform. What does that really mean?  It simply means that the physical therapist services are no longer accessed through an office .. no  no! the physical therapist comes to your place of business, home or wherever you happen to e at your time of need.

Massage Therapy

It’s no joke! sometimes, the body and mind need to be brought together. What other way to do this than a massage? There may be others, but let’s face it; a massage, trusted over thousands of years continues to deliver relaxation. Long flights, long days all need to end with a massage. Upunder Massage therapist have years of experience providing all types of massage. Treat yourself to an in-house massage through our app.

Primary Care Medical

Sniffles and body aches that just won’t go away just need a doctor to take a look. You can call the doctors office to be told that your doctor can only see you in weeks or months … long after the illness has taken course. Wait! there is another option;  urgent care or the ER. While you will definitely be seen that day, the wait may be more than you can bear to stand; Not to mention, sitting in waiting rooms with several sick people might not be exactly what the doctor ordered. Ok! now what?  there is one option left and it is Upunder;  a mobile platform that allows you to talk to a physician face-to-face using your mobile device. If the physician deems necessary, he or she will come to your home or dispatch a nurse to administer tests and medications.

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